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It's Hard Being A Kid!

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From a child's point of view, life can often seem difficult--but this brightly illustrated book--one in a set of twoLive and Learn titles--encourages children never to be afraid of a challenge.

It's all right to be a little scared about things that seem hard to do, but whatever the challenge, determination and practice can get them through. Boys and girls will empathize with the little girl in this book. She has to go to school, do homework, and eat vegetables that she doesn't like. It seems to her that grown-ups are lucky, because they can do as they please. This story demonstrates that everybody has obligations to meet--especially grown-ups--and most of the time, it's more fun to be a kid. The text is simple and the illustrations on every page are appealing. Four pages presenting activities for children appear at the back of each book, followed by a two-page section for parents, with tips on explaining the subject in more detail.

You're Going To Love This Kid!

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What if your school just said "yes" to inclusion?

How would students with and without autism benefit? How would you solve the challenges? What do great inclusive schools really look like? Paula Kluth has the answers-and now they're on one powerful DVD that will help make your school an inclusion success story.

One of today's most dynamic, respected, and in-demand experts on autism and inclusion, Paula Kluth brings together more than a dozen of her colleagues for this complete professional development package on effective inclusion. Hosted by Paula and expanding on key lessons from her bestselling books and popular presentations, the 55-minute professional development video walks you through the what, why, and how of honoring and supporting all learners. Through clips of real teachers in successful inclusive classrooms and interviews with educators, administrators, a parent, and students, you'll discover practical ways to

  • differentiate instruction
  • nurture students' social skills through peer supports
  • improve school culture so all students are welcomed and included
  • individualize objectives and standards
  • make the most of each student's gifts and interests
  • use positive behavior supports
  • presume competence
  • strengthen partnerships between schools and families
  • co-teach effectively
  • reframe challenges in a positive way

An ideal professional development resource for experienced educators and preservice teachers in K-12 classrooms, this package also includes a concise Facilitator's Guide with sample professional development plans, helpful summaries of teaching strategies, more tips from educators, thought-provoking questions for group discussion, and practical forms and checklists to evaluate practices and plan supports.

Say yes to inclusion with this comprehensive guide from Paula Kluth-and help your school become a stronger community where all learners use their unique gifts and achieve their full potential.


  • 55-minute professional development video with teaching strategies, classroom clips and interviews, and an inside look at 3 sample lessons
  • 16-minute short video, Speaking of Inclusion: Ten Questions Asked and Answered, an inclusion Q&A with the education professionals in the feature film
  • Facilitator's Guide with sample professional development plans, summaries of teaching strategies, questions for group discussion, and more
  • Practical forms and checklists to evaluate practices and plan effective supports

About Landlocked Films
Beret E. Strong, Ph.D., M.F.A., and John Tweedy, J.D., M.A. are award-winning documentary filmmakers and owners of Landlocked Films. Their films have been seen on PBS nationally and shown at festivals around the world. Their focus is on social justice, indigenous cultures, and education. John is an attorney and Beret is an author and researcher.

Release Your Kid's Dormant Genius In Just 10 Minutes A Day

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Help your kid achieve great results by following simple, daily disciplines

"It doesn't take textbooks on Physics or hours of music or any other kind of force to teach something effectively to children. It just takes one thing - it takes patience."- Jim Rohn Turning your child's academic performance around is easier than you think, but it does take time. Don't worry though, using the methods outlined in my book, you will help your child achieve great success without having to spend hours a day to do it. Is your bright kid getting grades well below his or her potential? Do you think you are too busy to do something about it? Then this book is for you! In October of 2012, I started teaching my 10 year old son after school to help him bring up his mediocre grades. In June of 2013, he finished the school year... with honors! Not only did his grades improve significantly, he has also seen a great boost in his confidence and work ethic. In just a few short months, your child could be telling the same story! There are no expensive programs or additional textbooks to buy. All you need is your serious commitment and 10 minutes a day. Once you have read "Release Your Kid's Dormant Genius", you will find yourself with no excuses left, especially the "I'm too busy" excuse. My son's amazing transformation is proof that consistency is always fruitful. My book will give you the tools to persevere and drive real change in your child's performance.

Expect to be amazed, but don't expect a miracle.

"Release Your Kid's Dormant Genius" is a guideline for success, it is not a "magic snake-oil cure." Helping your child achieve the amazing results my son did will require your commitment to sustained effort. Inside the book you will find: -How to identify and fix your child's problem areas -The successful techniques I used to help my son turn his performance around -7 tips on how to creating your 10 minute teaching program -An inspiring true story and, at just 10,000 words "Release Your Kid's Dormant Genius" will quickly have you on track to building a more successful, confident and determined student. Ready to begin the amazing transformation?

You can get started immediately.

Read Release Your Kid's Dormant Genius, and in a couple of short hours, you and your child will be on the path to building a better future.

Survival Tips Through Transition

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This little book is not about telling you to pull yourself together or to think positive. It is a little book of support, helping to answer some very difficult emotions that can cripple us and stop us from moving forward. It is a small pocket guide in 4 steps taking one step at a time. You will need to find your private space and your own inner voice to help strengthen and guide you. Hopefully you will find this book full of practical little steps you can make at your own pace.

Alphakids Plus Level 1

RRP $7.99


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