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What if your school just said "yes" to inclusion?

How would students with and without autism benefit? How would you solve the challenges? What do great inclusive schools really look like? Paula Kluth has the answers-and now they're on one powerful DVD that will help make your school an inclusion success story.

One of today's most dynamic, respected, and in-demand experts on autism and inclusion, Paula Kluth brings together more than a dozen of her colleagues for this complete professional development package on effective inclusion. Hosted by Paula and expanding on key lessons from her bestselling books and popular presentations, the 55-minute professional development video walks you through the what, why, and how of honoring and supporting all learners. Through clips of real teachers in successful inclusive classrooms and interviews with educators, administrators, a parent, and students, you'll discover practical ways to

  • differentiate instruction
  • nurture students' social skills through peer supports
  • improve school culture so all students are welcomed and included
  • individualize objectives and standards
  • make the most of each student's gifts and interests
  • use positive behavior supports
  • presume competence
  • strengthen partnerships between schools and families
  • co-teach effectively
  • reframe challenges in a positive way

An ideal professional development resource for experienced educators and preservice teachers in K-12 classrooms, this package also includes a concise Facilitator's Guide with sample professional development plans, helpful summaries of teaching strategies, more tips from educators, thought-provoking questions for group discussion, and practical forms and checklists to evaluate practices and plan supports.

Say yes to inclusion with this comprehensive guide from Paula Kluth-and help your school become a stronger community where all learners use their unique gifts and achieve their full potential.


  • 55-minute professional development video with teaching strategies, classroom clips and interviews, and an inside look at 3 sample lessons
  • 16-minute short video, Speaking of Inclusion: Ten Questions Asked and Answered, an inclusion Q&A with the education professionals in the feature film
  • Facilitator's Guide with sample professional development plans, summaries of teaching strategies, questions for group discussion, and more
  • Practical forms and checklists to evaluate practices and plan effective supports

About Landlocked Films
Beret E. Strong, Ph.D., M.F.A., and John Tweedy, J.D., M.A. are award-winning documentary filmmakers and owners of Landlocked Films. Their films have been seen on PBS nationally and shown at festivals around the world. Their focus is on social justice, indigenous cultures, and education. John is an attorney and Beret is an author and researcher.

A Newbies Guide To Kindle Kids' Book Creator

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So you've written an illustrated children's book. Congratulations! Now you're looking to publish your work on Amazon's Kindle Store. Congratulations again -Amazon's Kindle Store is the leading provider of ebook content, and publishing your work through Kindle is one of the best ways to be sure it connects with as many young readers as possible. If you're wondering what the back end of all of this interactivity looks like, we regret to say that it's not pretty. We know you've spent months or maybe even years polishing your story and your illustrations, and the prospect of spending even more time coding (or maybe even learning) the HTML and CSS for the Kindle format standards and testing your work probably sounds like a slog. And it was - until Amazon released its kids' book publishing tool, Kindle Kids' Book Creator. Kindle Kids' Book Creator makes importing and publishing your illustrated children's story on the Kindle Store fast and painless. In this guide, we'll show you how to install and use Kindle Kids' Book Creator to get your work out there for readers to discover and enjoy. We'll walk you through the process of formatting and publishing your children's book using Kindle Kids' Book Creator step by step, with plenty of tips, tricks and screenshots along the way. In Part 1, we'll walk you through the process of downloading the software and give you some insight into file formats and basic navigation. In Part 2 (the main attraction!), we'll show you how to create a Kindle kids' book from start to finish. We'll also discuss how to add base and pop-up text and edit the book's CSS and HTML. Then, in Part 3 we'll give you an overview of publishing your work on the Kindle Store. In Part 4, we'll show you how to find help if you get stuck. We think you'll find that publishing through Amazon is a snap, and all that time saved will free you up to focus on creating and marketing your work. So without further delay, let's start creating kids' books for Kindle!

Aba Programs For Kids With Autism

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(ON SALE AT A REDUCED PRICE FOR AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH!!!)This newly updated book contains 25 ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) programs, plus many more helpful tips for helping your child with Autism. These ABA programs are designed as guidelines for parents and caregivers of children with behavioral problems and developmental delays associated with neuropsychological disorders, such as autism. This edition also contains an updated list of recommended iOS apps to help your child. Great for homes, schools, clinics and daycares.The National Institute of Mental Health and the Surgeon General recommend Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as an essential therapy for children with autism. So ABA should be the mainstream of your therapy.

101 Tips For A Successful Automation Career

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Kidnap In The Caribbean

RRP $16.99

From Cornwall to the Caribbean, 11-year-old ace detective Laura Marlin comes face to face with pirates, sharks, criminal masterminds and an erupting volcano in her second mystery adventure, which follows the Blue Peter award-winning first book Dead Man's Cove.

Laura cannot contain her excitement when she wins a trip to the Caribbean for herself and her uncle, Calvin Redfern. Especially when her best friend, Tariq, and her three-legged husky, Skye, accidentally find themselves on board too.

But when they dock at Antigua, they discover that Calvin Redfern has vanished, and Laura and Tariq are about to be kidnapped by the fearsome Straight A gang.

Dramatic escapes, an erupting volcano and a race against time to stop the deadly undercover 'Marine Concern' make Laura's second adventure every bit as exciting as the first.

About the Author

Lauren St John was born in Gatooma, Rhodesia, now Kadoma, Zimbabwe. At 11, she and her family moved to Rainbow's End farm and game reserve, the subject of her memoir, also published by Orion. She grew up surrounded by animals, including eight horses, two warthogs and a pet giraffe.

After nearly a decade as golf correspondent to The Sunday Times, followed by a sojourn in the US, riding the tour buses of country stars like Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle and the Dixie Chicks, she wrote the bestselling 'White Giraffe' series. Dead Man's Cove', the first in her new mystery series about 11-year-old detective, Laura Marlin, won the 2011 Blue Peter Favourite Story and Book of the Year Awards.


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