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I Like To Learn Opposites

RRP $9.95

The US Census Bureau estimates that over 8 million children enroll in nursery school or kindergarten every year. The educational success of these children depends largely on their knowledge of the alphabet, numbers, colors, and opposites. The I Like to Learn Opposites: Amazing Bugs teaches children these fundamental skills in a fun, playful, yet very effective way. The whimsically illustrated board book will help children learn their opposites with rich and colorful depictions of bugs. With beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, it’s a fun and exciting way of learning opposites that kids will never tire of.

Learn Spanish Animals!

RRP $15.99

Learn Spanish with Animals! A Bilingual Coloring Book for Kids, is an excellent resource for bilingual children or those wishing to learn Spanish in an easy and exciting way. Features: *Children ages 5 and up will be able to learn the entire Spanish alphabet *Children will learn Spanish animal names * Contains easy step-by-step pronunciations for both English and Spanish *Visual stimulatory learning *Improve fine motor skills at a young age * Includes 29 large coloring pages of cute and cuddly animals that make foreign language learning exciting! *Easy coloring directions to learn Spanish easily and see similar language patterns Learning a new language is now fun and simple! Note: Proceeds from sales will be going towards our fundraiser for Save the Children and Amanecer Bolivia! Help support our cause to raise school supplies for the children of La Paz, Bolivia. Learn Spanish with Animals! Es un excelente recurso para ninos bilingues o para los que desean aprender Espanol o Ingles de manera facil y divertida. Ninos de cinco anos o mas podran aprender todo el alfabeto Espanol, nombres de animales en Ingles y Espanol, ademas de simples pronunciaciones. Veintinueve illustraciones de lindos animales hacen el aprendizaje excitante para todos!"

Taking On A Learning Disability

RRP $262.99

In the United States, approximately 2.5 million students are diagnosed as having a learning disability and the majority of those children are placed in special education because of an inability to read as expected. As a result of this diagnosis, these children may be placed in special education classrooms - classrooms that are separate from the 'mainstream' population. For children with learning disabilities, there is likely no place, other than in school, where a student's inability to read as expected leads to this separation from his/her peers. Once school is over, these children play alongside the kids in their neighborhoods, participate in sports teams, and attend community activities. This book looks at the impact of being labeled as learning disabled and separated from peers in school through the eyes of Samson, a middle school student described both as learning disabled and a non-reader. This qualitative case study explores how Samson, his family, his teachers and this researcher make sense of special education and the complexities of learning to read as an adolescent. Throughout this book, there is a contrasting of the laws and procedures designed to guide special education, with the actual experiences of those impacted by these laws and procedures. Through the three years that Samson was in middle school, this book investigates his perspective on his classes, his interpretation of what it means to 'be' a student in special education, and the process by which he learns to read. How disability gets created, contested, and discussed is highlighted through the many contexts that allow disability to be recognized and to fade into the background.

Alphakids Plus Level 20

RRP $7.99

I Love To Learn Alphabet Answers

RRP $9.99

The I Love to Learn series is a fantastic set of educational workbooks designed to make learning fun!

Developed in conjunction with experienced consultants, the books tie in completely with the way English and Math are taught in Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade. The workbooks support children's learning while entertaining them with fun activities. Children will enjoy completing the activities and using the fun stickers. Parents and children can track their progress using the reward chart and colorful sticker stars. Each book also contains a fold-out game for children and parents to play together.

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed to help children learn in an entertaining way
  • Carefully matched to the early years' curriculum to ensure that the activities reflect what children are learning in school
  • With over 250 stickers to use as part of the activity pages and as reward stickers
  • A lively game to play that reinforces learning even after the book has been completed


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